So Called 4 inch iPhone Leak for 2016: Real or Fake?

A video on YouTube has recently been circulating showing a supposed 4 inch iPhone, insinuating that Apple has decided to return or regress back to the older screen size for the next release. So has Apple really had a change of heart, or is it all an elaborate hoax?

The video is only about a minute long and seems to display an iPhone which, at first, may look smaller in the person’s hands, but you’ll soon find that this is more of an illusion played to make the phone look the size. Of course I don’t know this, but it does seem awfully suspicious that there is no object for comparison whatsoever other than the man’s large hands. In fact, he doesn’t even measure it! So I don’t see how they could expect anyone to believe the size without even proving it with a simple measurement.


People also pointed out that the device is absolutely identical to an iPhone 6 or 6S. This could very well be true as the writing and logos on the device are covered with tape. The dimensions and button placements also seem to be in line with that of the 6/6S.

Overall the entire video seems to be extremely sketchy and untrustworthy. It is more than likely the work of an attention seeker who popped down to the arts and crafts store to get some tape, and then brought out his trusty iPhone 6 and plastered it. If attention was what he wanted, he certainly got it.

But there is the chance I could be wrong.


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