A Review of The Casio fx-83GT PLUS: let’s get old school

The Casio fx -83GT PLUS is a humble calculator. Nothing fancy. But when it comes to mathematical calculations and computations it definitely shines. Yes, we’re reviewing a calculator- and no, we’re not joking.


The device is clad in an uninspired grey plastic casing. It’s nothing special but it gets the job done. However, one thing I did notice was that the device does tend to creak quite a bit when pressed or under pressure and doesn’t feel the most durable. The fact that I’ve had these things ripped apart in the past doesn’t make matters any better. So, as is evident the calculator certainly favours functionality over design. But how is functionality?

This is a scientific calculator, so it can do a little more than the basic add, subtract, multiply and divide. But how much more? Well, it has the sin, cos and tan functions (as well as their inverse), it has powers, square root, scientific notation, factorial, modulus etc. You get it, it has a lot of different features. And they work very well, providing correct answers. I tested the following questions:

1+1 = 3 failed test………ok I’m joking. The answer was 2, in case you’re wondering.

37^13 = 2.4×10^20 as required

Sin (36)= 0.59 as required

Tan^-1 (1) = 45 degrees as required

So as you can see it does its job, and it does it well. It would be nice if there were integration and differentiation buttons, but perhaps that’s for a more complex calculator.


Now, the handling. The buttons feel a little mushy and not very tactile. Pressing down doesn’t feel very nice, but when doing fast calculations in rapid succession it works surprisingly well, though your mileage may vary.

The screen isn’t an AMOLED display at 1440p or a 4k LCD IPS panel, it doesn’t even have back lighting! But this is a calculator, so it doesn’t need to have all that fancy tech; you’re not going to be watching movies or playing Call of Duty on it. It’s a calculator, plain and simple. It’s visible in most lit environments, but in low light or night time it is completely unusable. It would’ve been nice if they had implemented the screen with some sort of temporary back lighting system. Although you do have the ability to adjust the contrast to make it easier to read which is a nice touch!

Conclusion: well, it’s a calculator, it does calculations. I don’t know what much else there is to say. It does its job extremely well but it isn’t, by any means, the best calculator out there. It’s pretty old and certainly doesn’t have everything. I’m sure there are much better (and more pricier) offerings, but for now this’ll do.


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