Nintendo XDS: Rumour or Reality?


Not too long ago a video surfaced on YouTube showing a possible private event taking place, revealing a successor to the 3DS. At first many had their jaws drop at what looked like a fantastic console that could be potentially real, followed by dismissal as many attempted to rationalise what they had just watched. So is this video undeniable fact or mere fiction?

Watch here:

The video looks surprisingly well made. The way the audience reacts and the sound is produced actually simulates the feel of being at an E3 event. Seeing this for the first time brought a sliver of excitement explode within me! But taking a closer look at the presentation lead me to the conclusion that this was most likely a well put together hoax.

First off, the design of the XDS just doesn’t look like something Nintendo would produce. It looks like a very unfinished product with its sharp edges and seemingly impractical mechanisms. To me it just looks like some fan-made concept art, and I highly doubt Nintendo would show off something so shoddy to investors.

The features touted also sound over exaggerated and unrealistic. Playing WII U games everywhere? 30 years of gaming? It just doesn’t seem plausible. The processing power needed to run WII U games would be far too intensive for a mobile CPU.

I also forgot to mention the ridiculous way in which the screen just twists around and folds back.

Overall, I just don’t think such a system is coming to the market any time soon.


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