iPhone 7: What’s Next?

There have been many theories on what the next iPhone will be like; it happens every time. People wonder in awe as they look out to the vast cosmos, thinking about their insignificance in comparison to the largeness of space and the universe that encompasses them, and ponder the deep philosophical question: what will the next iPhone have?


(Credit goes to ovalpictures.com and Yasser Farahi for the excellent concept picture)

Perhaps that is a bit of a stretch, but no doubt there are some rabid fans craving to know everything about Apple’s next smartphone (I’m lookin’ at you Timmy on the left!).

So I am hear to service those who wish their technological, rumour-obsessed hunger to be satiated.

Design and Release Date:

It is already evident that Apple seems to be quite intent on thinning down their devices, but at what cost? Well, it appears this could mean the end of the 3.5mm headphone jack (though this isn’t confirmed). Personally I think the whole race to see who can create the thinnest device is really unnecessary and Apple should focus on something more important and groundbreaking. What’s next, the Apple Paper (TM)? Or a phone 0.4mm thin with a battery life of 1.237 minutes?

The release date will most likely be September 2016 assuming development goes smoothly. This is usually the same considering Apple’s strict schedule, although some reports claim that the device could be released earlier; however, how much earlier is unknown.

Design wise it’ll, as previously stated, probably be thinner and look different from the current iPhone. Some also think that it could posses certain ruggedised features akin to the Xperia or Galaxy Active phones, such as dust and water proofing.

Screen and Camera:

The one thing I’m looking forward to the most would be a potential resolution jump. Considering Android has been hanging on the QHD side and FHD is now considered old (yes OLD) at least for Android devices, it would be extremely nice to see Apple finally following suit. Of course, resolution isn’t all that matters since contrast and colour reproduction can have arguably bigger effects, but it would be highly appreciated to have that added sharpness. I mean, the Xperia Z5 Premium has a 4K display right now, and yet the iPhone 6S is at around the 720p mark…let that sink in.


The camera of the iPhone 7 will most likely stay at around 12MP, similar to the 6S, but this doesn’t mean that there won’t be enhancements or improvements in the form of perhaps better image processing or added software features.

OS and Battery:

The OS will be iOS 10 during the launch of the phone, although any new features that will accompany Apple’s operating system are unknown. This is an area we know little about.

Battery life may be one of the most worrying aspects as it’s known that the iPhone falls down in this department, and slimming down the device even further could cause even greater disparity between its rivals. If the rumour of thinning down the iPhone is true then those going for a long lasting device should search elsewhere.


Overall, I don’t think there’s enough information to judge the iPhone 7, so I’ll probably update this page continually as more information is discovered.


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